Saturday, December 15, 2012

Long time, no see.  With Facebook being my primary communication tool, and the fact that blogging takes more effort than hitting a "like" or "share" button I easily fell off the blogger bandwagon.  I have  no delusions that I'm starting fresh and new and will post every Thursday at 3pm, because that simply isn't me.  That said there are so many things that happen and I see the value of keeping track of them.  This very well be my only post for the next 2 years.  We'll have to see.

Now on to an update.  Lets see, since last I posted about fitting into my "goal pants" those pants are now a little too big which isn't a bad thing.  Especially when you take into consideration I had another baby in that time.  Yeah.  Arwen Roene Katherman is now a jabbering toddler (20 months old).  Her sister, Aeslyn Inez is 3, tiny, sweet, and increasingly independent.  The reason I am trying the blog thing again is that so many adorable, wonderful things are getting lost in the moment and I'm sure one day the girls will appreciate having stories about them as little ones.  

Here are some pictures.  Not in any particular order, but gives an overall snapshot of what the past couple years have looked like.
Pumpkins carved for Halloween 2010

This was one of the first muriels Aeslen drew in our house.  This wasn't the last, sigh :( ,and I'm sure there are many more to come.  She has been educating her little sister on the art of vandalism this fall.  Presently there is red crayon on my office floor and blue marker on the front door.  Also, pen and marker on my couch (picture found later on)

 So willing to set on Santa's lap.  Arwen was the brave one and showed her sister it's not so bad.  Not sure why she looks so bucktoothed in this picture, but it's sweet anyway.  Also, doesn't she have awesome eyes?
 Finally got the courage to ask Santa for a bike.  I'm glad Aeslyn is young enough I got to guide her to ask for the gift Santa had already gotten for her as she wanted to be ready for the big day before Halloween (yes, I actually can be on top of things, occasionally)

Oh no, Oh no, Oh no.  I think when I took this picture it sunk in that cutting hair isn't a game and it's (semi)permanent.  Lucky for us my stylist was able to squeeze her in a few days later to clean it up.

Ready to play in the first snow of the year!

 ....and mom waves her white flag of surrender.  Where's the chocolate?

Love you're not so scary after all.

This is what happens when you leave a toddler unattended for 12 minutes.  This is Aeslyn when I was first pregnant with Arwen.  Those are diaper wipes all over the floor.

 I'm adorable...dumbo ears and all!

Meeting Cousin Katie.  Yes, Uncle Brice got married and now has created a wide eyed, red headed princess.  Welcome to the Family Katie Sherratt.

Attention:  No amount of potato chip bribes and sister hugs will calm me from being woken up from my nap to have a blinding light flashed in my face repeatedly!

Our little family all 4th of July'd out.  Thanks to Doug Havens (Digital Knight Photography) for the beautiful pictures we got to send on to Uncle David.

First Potty Training Success Prize!!  Win for EVERYONE :)

The sight I saw when I turned around from my desk and had a mini mommy heart attack.  

Here's another all too common mommy heart attack moment.  I don't know where the girls keep finding markers.  I am positive we have never owned as many as they find. And why can't I ever find a Sharpie when I need one?  Glad I've always wanted to re-cover this couch anyway...Maybe for Christmas.

I love my daddy!  Aeslyn, summer of 2012

Arwen meets daddy.  Arwen was born in a beautiful historic home in Pleasant Grove that now serves as a natural birthing center.  What an amazing experience!  I'll have to dedicate a post to this event so you can all hear how wonderful and different it was from the normally expected situation.

Have I ever mentioned I hate our mail lady?  This is the condition our mail reaches us in quite regularly.  I tried to complain to the post master, but he was even a bigger meanie-pants about it that she is.

In me, on me...what's the difference?  Arwen likes to experience her food using ALL the senses.

Sleeping comfortably after being born.  Really?  Yes!  I love the birth center!

This is what happens if you get in the car too quickly, flustered and irritated.  Phones get left on the roof of the car, fly off into a busy street, left for 10 hours, run over repeatedly.... RIP best phone I've ever had.  

Cookies with Santa and Mrs. Claus.  
We adore this tradition created by our family photographer, Julie Williams.  

Best pic of Arwen from our summer family photos.  She cried the ENTIRE shoot :(

Temper tantrums are tiring work!  Summer 2012

Welcome out Arwen Roene.  We're so glad to have you safe and sound in our arms.
(again, birth center is the only way I ever want to have my babies from now on.  Big bed I get to share with my hubby, birth attendants who give you foot rubs and snacks and juice instead of finger pricks and IV's, and scolding for eating.  Warm bath and luxurious bathrobe after having baby.  Just thinking about it I want to go give birth RIGHT NOW!)

Monday, August 17, 2009


My goal pants fit!
Over a month before my deadline too.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I almost forgot... No I'm just lazy and would rather sleep than post a blog but not really I just do

I like to think that I'm not the only one that gets so busy and caught up in this that and the other things being so urgent and important I forget about what I like to do when it's something I can always do "later".

Today after getting home from work at the time I usually would take a nap before making dinner I chose to get online and play around. I tweeted a bit, facebooked for a while and then browsed through some of my favorite blogs. There were some great things I came across and wanted so badly to share them with everyone I know. There were then a series of thoughts that led me to realize I have not posted since I left my job as a receptionist weeks before I had Aeslyn.
I intended on posting when Dave took me on a second honeymoon to St. George and Zion which was amazing
I intended on posting when Aeslyn was born which was beautiful
I intended on posting when I went to the Moms Who Make It convention-- pheMOMenal!
I intended on posting when I took Aeslyn to the zoo though she slept through the whole thing
I intended on posting about the 24th of July in good ol' Panguitch which is tied with Thanksgiving for my favorite day of the year. Yes even above Christmas.
...AND the list continues.

I have developed a terrible habit of misplacing action after intention which gets me nowhere. This is a habit I desperately would love to break but I'm not sure how. If I bit my nails I could paint them or put tape on them or something. But if I didn't bit my nails (which btw I don't) and wanted to start doing it regularly how would I remind myself to do it. More importantly how would I make myself do it? Yes I realize my analogy is quite ridiculous.

Any ideas to help? How do you break your habits of omission? If you don't have any please just make one up and tell me so I don't feel like such a loser!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kids Shows

I've always been a bit juvenile when it comes to watching TV. I prefer cartoons over just about anything-- American Idol? Desperate Housewives? No thanks! Give me some Chowder or Billy & Mandy or Arthur any day. Unless maybe Mystery Diagnosis or Planet Earth is on.

Recently however, my tastes have regressed even more. Now that I realize I'll be having a little one to play with and teach I am more and more inclined to watch preschool shows. I can't get enough Mr. Rogers and Backyardigans. As we speak I am watching Elmo and Snuffy play "dinosaur" and singing songs about taking care of pets.

How have your tastes in the movies / TV shows you chose to watch changed over the years?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Re: Fwd:

I HATE forwards...Usually.
I typically don't even open forwarded emails. I often see the irritating little letters "fwd", roll my eyes and delete before I even see who sent it or what it regards. Sometimes if there is a word or two that catches my attention and I have time to waste I'll open it and then usually regret doing so, wishing I had my seven minutes back it took me to read the long list of prayer phrases with the promise of a special spot in hell for me if I don't send it on to at least 10 people, but if I do send it to 35 people Bill Gates will include me in his will. Oh Please! I'll risk my spot in hell because I doubt it will be as unbearable as reading these emails.

And then I get forwarded emails from my friend Marisa. If ever I have a grumpy day and need a good laugh, I can count on opening just about anything from her and soon find myself rolling on the floor in convulsive laughter. In fact, most forwards she sends me get saved in my "funny ha-ha" folder.

Due to my lack of imagination, but my current need to post something I'm pulling out a few of my favorite Marisa Emails. If you get a good laugh (which I'm sure you will) you can thank her for ignoring my warning and braving my wrath I often give those who dare fill up my inbox with more crap than I find in my spam folder.

If that wasn't enough...